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So Don't Worry
(Glee) Rachel Don't Slushie Me
Minor friends cut. Nothing against anybody, but I'm just taking off a few people who a) I never talk to, b) haven't been on in forever, c) have already unfriended me. My journal's open anyways, but if you flame me or anything I will block you.

In other news...I WANT TO GO TO BOSTON TOMORROW TO SHOP. Unfortunately, everyone else is broke and doesn't want to spend money on frivolous things like the T and parking. Harrumph. I want to go to Sephora and get a free makeover and to all the stores that aren't in my mall and then have a tourist-y lunch at Quincy market. Yes, sometimes I am vain. I'm a girl, it's allowed. Why doesn't anyone want to be vain and shallow with me? :(

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Aww, I would totally go with you if I lived closer. I love shopping, Sephora, and being girly.

Thanks. :) I wish you could.

Ooh . . . Sephora.

I could do some major damage in that store.

I'd just shop on their website but in the store they have all the test palettes and stuff, which makes it easier to find the right colors.

I want a free makeover!!! i would totally go with you!

I'm pampering myself with a pedicure tomorrow since school starts Tuesday!

Aw, I wish you were closer!

Ooo, I want to go highlights before school starts, but I just got my haircut and I can't decide what color to get now.

Boston is awesome! I'd love to go shopping there sometime...although getting there/parking is kinda a pain sometimes.

Mmm, for me it isn't a big deal because there's a T stop not too far from where I live, but I don't want to go alone. :(

(Deleted comment)
YAY! Lol, I know what you mean. I know all the girls around me spend most of their time being vapid, but when I need to go shopping, it's like they couldn't care less about it. >:( GRR...

I hope you manage to find a way to Boston!

I did and I had a great time. :) Thanks.

Ah! I would totally go with you! It's super tempting, too, because I basically live in Providence and could get to Boston with almost no problem. Haha.

You're icon is BEAUTIFUL, may I just say.

I found someone to go, if you want to come though, you're more than welcome. :)


Of course, I live on an entirely separate continent, but LIKE THAT MATTERS.


Pfft, small detail.

I would go with you in a heartbeat anything for some shopping I don't know the shops you have mentioned but still there shops! lol

Lol, they aren't my usual places. I just usually go to Forever 21 or Wet Seal, but I saved a decent amount of money this summer so I though, why not?

YAY I'm still here! Huzzah. ^_^ tehe.

I wouldn't delete you. :P There are a certain amount of people I would never, ever cut and you're one of them.

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